Full Cabin Refurbishment on Embraer Legacy 600

Excel Aerospace (EA) was given an opportunity in July 2015 to support a full cabin refurbishment on an Embraer Legacy 600 recently bought over by a new customer. Our team specializing in Cabin Interior customization was given the challenge to provide the Customer with a new, refreshing and a futuristic look of the cabin.

Final Cabin Outlook of the fully furnished Legacy 600

The customer requested for a full cabin refurbishment consisting of a change of Passenger club seat design, carpets and cabinetry veneer. Our highly experienced and creative team worked on designing a brand new concept in line with our Customer’s vision and desired expectation. Using the highest quality materials to ensure the best possible finish, EA worked closely with its suppliers to manufacture custom made carpets, and with a highly experienced aircraft cabin works team, consisting of craftsmen with more than a 20 years of combined experience, Excel Aerospace fabricated new leather seat covers with an exclusive design to match the concept. Our design and engineering team conducted a research to find a suitable wood type with the right colour tone to suit the cabin outlook with the new carpets and seat upholstery and replaced all cabinetry wood veneers accordingly. All the cabinetry were refinished to provide a glossy look and seat hardware re-plated with gold finishing of the highest standard. EA is proud to have delivered this distinctive project to our customer who was extremely satisfied with the final outlook. As we would like to phrase, EA looks forward to continue its approach and deliver our services and products to our customers with a “European Quality at an Asian Pricing”.

Final Cabin Outlook of the fully furnished Legacy 600

Before After Final

A319 LOPA Change

Excel Aerospace (EA) was engaged to support with a LOPA modification for a Sino-Chinese Airline in order for an increase of the seating capacity on the existing three (3) Airbus A319 aircrafts. With our specialized Engineering team, we took on this challenge to fulfil the Customer’s requirements. The Customer requested for a full LOPA (Location of Passenger Accommodation) change consisting of a new configuration for an increase of seat capacity for the economy class and adding of new Passenger Service Units (PSUs) for the seats. To meet our Customer’s desired expectations, we worked closely with our partnering DOA (Design Organisation Approval) team and our highly experienced team was able to produce the engineering drawings & instructions for the Customer’s ground team to execute. EA also supplied and refurbished the newly added seats with the Customer’s desired fabric seat covers. This was achieved by working closely with our Customer to infuse their corporate colours to create a custom-made fabric which will be used as their corporate colours in the long run. Our Engineering team had also created some designs for the curtain class divider, in a view that the Airline would have separate Cabin classes in the near future and also for upcoming fleet of aircrafts. EA is very proud to be able to deliver this project successfully to our Customer.  


  In 2013, Excel Aerospace (EA) was engaged by the Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) to fabricate a mock-up of the aircrafts used for airborne training to aid the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) servicemen. The objective was to create the mock up with realistic interior capabilities & equipment based on the actual military aircrafts used by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). DSTA requested for a full configuration of the aircrafts’ interior designs to replicate a mockup of C-130, Fokker 50 and helicopters such as the CH-47 Chinook and Super Puma. Our engineering team conducted a research and worked with our counterparts in the RSAF, to understand the aircrafts’ interiors and the different types of equipment to ensure the overall design of the aircrafts’ interiors are similar to the current aircrafts in the fleet. EA fabricated the seats, the jump lines, the lightings & the customized equipment used for helicopter rappelling. A load test was also carried out to certify that the equipment was able to withstand a safety load limit of 1 ton in weight. This 12-month long project was painstakingly furnished to provide the military servicemen with an adequate familiarization towards the real experience. EA is proud to have completed this project successfully, with the alluring carbon copy look of the aircrafts and have attracted various defense organizations in the region to follow suit with similar projects within their own. EA looks forward to continue deliver our services to our Customers and to continuously reach new milestones.

Oil Cooler Duct

  Excel Aerospace (EA) was engaged by an MRO to carry out a repair on Oil Cooler ducts. The repair encompassed with two (2) major tasks of which a filler material had to be replaced on a damaged area in accordance with the repair scheme following which TIG welding had to carried out to cover the minor cracks. Our specialized team with expertise in Sheet Metal works and TIG Welding, along with the Engineer, examined the parts and planned the process with the best outcome in mind and also in accordance with the repair scheme, before proceeding with preparation works. Advancing further, the team of highly skilled craftsmen removed the areas of considerable damage and installed a filler patch via TIG welding. Further TIG welding was done to repair and fill the areas with minor cracks. Finishing works were carried out on welded areas before the items were shipped for a Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection to ensure no further cracks were left unrepaired. With Precision and Quality in our mindset, EA’s specialist teams ensured the parts were delivered to our Customer with the best quality achievable.